Koepel concert: the wonderful string quintet

Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra

Koepel concert: the wonderful string quintet

Under the direction of concertmaster Vadim Tsibulevsky, a string quintet from the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra will play the wonderful Second String Quintet by Johannes Brahms and works by Franz Schubert.

Koepel concerts

Spend a relaxing afternoon listening to classical music and other genres in the elegant surroundings of the NedPhO-Koepel in Amsterdam. Once a month, we welcome everyone to enjoy a Koepel Concert, carefully programmed to include more adventurous works, unusual instruments or interesting guests. Many include short spoken introductions to make the music even more interesting.

Podcast about Brahms

Would you like to know more about Johannes Brahms? Listen to the Masterminds episode below in which podcast maker Botte Jellema and musicologist Kees Wisse talk about the composer's life and music. The podcast is in Dutch.