Yakult Europe and the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra celebrate 30 years of sponsorship

Yakult Europe and the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra celebrate 30 years of sponsorship

Yakult Europe, a leading pioneer in probiotics, proudly announces the remarkable milestone of its 30-year sponsorship of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra. Over the past 30 years, this exemplary collaboration has created an indelible mark on the Dutch cultural landscape, nurturing musical excellence and fostering talent development in the world of classical music. The longstanding partnership will be commemorated with an event at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam on Monday 18 September 2023 during a concert of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra.

Yakult Europe has been the main sponsor of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra since 1993, a year before the first Yakult bottle was produced in Europe in 1994. Loved for nearly 90 years, over 40 million Yakult bottles are enjoyed by people worldwide every day. Under the motto 'a healthy mind in a healthy body', the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra entered into a relationship with Yakult Europe in 1993.

One of the key highlights of this extraordinary partnership has been the numerous awe-inspiring concerts that have graced the stages of renowned venues across the Netherlands, like the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. With Yakult's unwavering commitment to cultural enrichment, the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra has performed over 2300 concerts, captivating more than 1.668.400 people with their breathtaking renditions of timeless classical compositions.

Under Yakult’s sponsorship, the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra has appointed four chief conductors: Hartmut Haenchen, Yakov Kreizberg, Marc Albrecht and Lorenzo Viotti. Their vision and artistry have led the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra to new heights. Viotti, the current chief conductor of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, is very outspoken about the relationship between music and health. 'Music is not just a collection of sounds that enter our ears and evoke emotions, it's a medicine for the body and soul.' Research shows that both gut bacteria and music have a positive influence on the functioning of our gut-brain axis. It is therefore not surprising that two organizations joined forces, and that this partnership led to a long-term collaboration.

In addition to its concert activities, the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra also uses the sponsorship to develop its talent. The orchestra has established a number of educational programs, including a training program for young conductors. Also, musicians from the orchestra coach the musical talents of the Almeers Jeugd Symfonie Orkest, the local youth orchestra in Almere, the home ground of Yakult Europe. And with the school program Welcome at the Orchestra, the orchestra, together with Yakult, introduces primary school children to a full symphony orchestra and classical music. These programs help to nurture the next generation of Dutch musicians and attract exceptional talent.

Since 2012, the hall in the NedPhO-Koepel in the East of Amsterdam, where the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra rehearses for the concerts at the Concertgebouw, has been named the Yakult Hall. That name is taken from the hall of the same name in the Beurs van Berlage, where the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra was located until 2012.

‘Our mission is to contribute to the health and happiness of people around the world. We have a strong link between our missions because the beautiful music enhances people’s mental well-being. We are proud of this long-term collaboration and look forward to our further growth with our shared mission and contributing to the local communities and culture’, says Hiroyasu Matsubara, Managing Director of Yakult Europe.

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